Have you been mis-sold your car finance?

If you have taken out car finance of £25,000 or more or have taken out finance to consolidate a previous vehicle you could be owed thousands.

Have you been mis-sold?

Find out if you have been mis-sold your car finance deal now and if you are eligible to claim!


The salesperson didn’t properly explain the finance deal to you


It wasn’t made clear who is responsible financially for repairs to the vehicle


You weren’t presented with a range of options


The dealership didn’t outline who actually owns the vehicle

Reasons you may have been mis sold your PCP car finance agreement

The commission that the sales person made from your contract was not explained.The salesperson who sold the contract failed to explain the interest charges correctly.

The car dealership failed to explain who actually owns the car, whether it be the car dealership or a third party finance company.

The salesperson did not make it clear who is financially responsible for the cost of repairs to the vehicle.

You were not taken through a comprehensive range of options, as other financial products may have worked out in some cases 50% cheaper than a PCP deal.

Investigation report conducted by the FCA in regards to the Mis Selling of Car Finance (PCP)

The information shown below comes from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in which the FCA sent mystery shoppers to 122 car dealerships; these were their findings…Out of the 122 car dealerships visited by mystery shoppers just 11 car dealerships confirmed that commission will be added on this type of deal.

Only 31% of dealers fully explained to the customer that they do not own the vehicle at the end of the contract unless they pay the balloon payment in full.

28% of the car dealers failed to outline the consequences of missed payments.

The FCA have estimated that the mis sold car finance scandal may have cost UK consumers £300,000,000 per year.


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